How Do You Market By Email?

How Do You Market By Email?

man-791049_960_720Email marketing is a big opportunity to directly target people who may be interested in your business. You’ve acquired their email somehow so they must have displayed some interest at some point, right? Here’s how to make sure you hold their interest.

  1. Personalize to your business

Make sure you have a clear voice and a personal tone to your writing that fits your business. This is your chance to show the person that will open the email what your business is all about.

  1. Have a reason for emailing

Make sure that you’re giving the reader something of value and aren’t just emailing them for the sake of doing so. Your content can be anything: advice or tips, a promotion, an article; just make sure it’s relevant. Email with purpose.

  1. Devise a clear and engaging subject line

Pull the reader in and make sure it’s engaging. Great headlines are questions or are relatable. A good tool for creating subject lines is a headline analyzer.

  1. Read your analytics

If you use a service like Constant Contact or Mailchimp, odds are they offer some kind of analytics for the emails you send. How many people opened your email? What was the click rate? The bounce rate? These are important things to take note of in creating future emails, adjust your content accordingly.

  1. Create a line of communication

This is your opportunity to speak directly to your audience. Ask questions and get your readers engaged, this will make them more likely to reach out to you or look at your website, for example.