Instagram Stories – What You Need To Know

Instagram Stories – What You Need To Know

Instagram just rolled out their newest feature: Instagram Stories. Essentially on your profile or homepage you can upload content that expires after 24 hours. Sound familiar?

IG Story

As much as we want to say they have vastly different features and serve different purposes, we can’t. To be fair Instagram still has strides to take, they don’t have any of the filters that make Snapchat unique. Part of what has kept Snapchat relevant has been their use of Geofilters and MSQRD (face filters), the entertainment value. As of now Instagram’s story feature only has text and a drawing feature with a few options. So if you’re snapping a picture on Instagram don’t go looking for the “rainbow vomit” filter or your town’s Geofilter, you won’t find them.

Particular to businesses on Instagram, the new story feature is a blessing in disguise. Why? Now rather than having to build up an audience on two separate platforms, they can just focus on building up the audience they probably already have on Instagram. Additionally, the demographics of Instagram are far wider than those of Snapchat, whose main demographic is 35 years and under.

While it’s only been out for a day, it’ll be interesting to watch what kind of traction Instagram stories gets. Will people quit Snapchat? Which will businesses take to more? Only time will tell.

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