Snapchat Gets More Invasive – Targeting Ads by Sensing Your Emotions

Snapchat Gets More Invasive – Targeting Ads by Sensing Your Emotions

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If you know anything about about Snapchat, you probably operate the app with the assumption that nothing is truly private. Somewhere, in their watchtower, Snapchat staff are most likely able to grab any information they wish with little to no effort. While they may not be able to see your actual snaps to friends, they can get just about any other data they wish, and starting soon, they’ll be using this data to target the user and bring in significant advertising revenue.

By understanding what accounts you follow, Snapchat has the ability to better target you with ads related to these accounts. Even more invasive, Snapchat can design ads to target you based on the discovery stories you frequent. For instance, if you follow beauty brands, you will begin to see ads for makeup. If you follow a number of basketball players or frequent the ESPN discovery page, you will start to see sports ads.

Advertising via Snapchat is becoming more regular. In July the app created their first application programming interface, or API, which assists advertisers in the buying process of ad space and eventually allows them to analyze their ads privately as a company.

While these changes might sound a little nosy, we think it’s better to have some control over what ads you view within the app. If you’re going so far as to follow and watch specific accounts and stories, it’s nice to know Snapchat isn’t wasting your time (and theirs) showing you ads that you have no interest in. For advertisers, this allows the opportunity for them to collect data. If Advertisers know who is watching specific channels causing their ads to be played for certain users, they can find out more details about these consumers such as their age and gender.

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