New Features in Facebook Slideshow Ads

New Features in Facebook Slideshow Ads

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Nearly a year ago Facebook introduced slideshows, allowing advertisers to seamlessly compile a collection of images into a video. Video consumption online whether it be through a desktop or mobile device, continues to increase daily. After a year of understanding and experimenting with this unique feature from Facebook, advertisers have suggested changes and improvements that could be introduced to make the entire process more effective. Facebook is now introducing several new features that will allow advertisers to more easily display products and market their ideas.

Stock Images:

Facebook has long had a stock image database free to us through ad manager, but now this feature has been added to the slideshow tab. Advertisers can now pick from a gallery of thousands of pictures and simply place them into the slideshow ads they are creating.


Adding text and music to slideshow ads is now possible through this update! There are a number of templates to pick from, each with a different theme. Furthermore, you can now choose from a sound library to add music to your slideshow. Facebook says that soon you will be able to pick music from your personal audio library too!

What If You Already Have a Video?

If you already have a video that you’d like to convert into a slideshow ad, you can easily convert it by uploading the actual video into the slideshow tool. The technology will do the rest by taking the image stills from the video and turning them into your slideshow ad. Creating a slideshow ad by using already created content is beneficial to those who have a lot of content within their video but do not necessarily want to show the entire file. Marketers can be selective and pick the content they have a priority on advertising.

As a digital marketing agency we are excited for the new features being added to the slideshow ad function within Facebook. Our hope is that advertising on Facebook will continue to evolve and change with the times, making it more effective to advertise and tell our clients stories!